Hash No Cash: Unlock Revolutionary Repair Services for Crypto Miners

• D-Central Technologies Inc. has launched the “Hash No Cash” program across North America, which provides ASIC repair services without cash payment.
• This initiative reduces electronic waste and encourages decentralization in cryptocurrency mining by making repaired hardware available at an affordable cost.
• The program is a testament to D-Central’s commitment to providing sustainable, accessible, and cost-effective solutions for miners.

D-Central Launches Innovative “Hash No Cash” Promotion

D-Central Technologies Inc., a leading provider of cryptocurrency mining services, has announced the expansion of its revolutionary „Hash No Cash“ program to all North American miners. This innovative initiative encourages sustainability and decentralization in cryptocurrency mining by allowing users to pay with broken hardware instead of cash when they seek repairs on their ASICs.

High Quality Repair Services Without Cash Payment

The „Hash No Cash“ program allows D-Central to provide high quality repair services for mining hardware without any cash payment from customers. This approach helps miners save capital that can be used for strategic investments such as new hardware purchases, thus revolutionizing the landscape of ASIC repair services.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability & Decentralization

In addition to being financially viable, the „Hash No Cash“ program also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste. By repairing and repurposing broken hardware, D-Central minimizes the demand for new equipment production and helps reduce the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining. Furthermore, it promotes decentralization in cryptocurrency mining by making repaired hardware available at an affordable price so that more users can access ASICs and foster wider distribution of mining power.

Fostering Sustainable Solutions

At D-Central, our goal is not just to provide repair services but rather create solutions that are financially viable, environmentally friendly, and conducive to decentralization within the industry. We are committed to driving change within the cryptocurrency mining sector through our groundbreaking initiatives such as „Hash No Cash“.


The introduction of „Hash No Cash“ opens up new opportunities for miners looking for efficient and affordable repair services while supporting sustainability efforts in the industry through reduced electronic waste production and increased decentralization among participants.