Argentinean company Ripio bought the Bitcoin Trade exchange from Brazil

Ripio announced the acquisition of Bitcoin Trade, one of the most important exchanges in Brazil

The Argentinean company Ripio, dedicated to the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies, announced the acquisition of the firm Bitcoin Trade, one of the most important exchanges in Brazil. This was reported by the newspaper Ámbito. The initiative was taken within the framework of Ripio’s expansion throughout Latin America.

The Ámbito article quoted Sebastián Serrano, CEO and co-founder of Ripio, as saying

„We have been following the growth of Bitcoin Trade for a long time and we are convinced that we will overcome bigger challenges by working now on the same objective“.

He then added:

„We seek to expand access to the world of digital assets, building simple tools and enabling reliable information for decision making. Based on our experience and track record in the region, we decided to embark on this mission with Bitcoin Trade.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Trade’s founder, Carlos Andre Montenegro -also according to Ámbito-, expressed the following

„We are convinced that Ripio is the best company to extend the road we built with Bitcoin Trade in Brazil. I am proud of the opportunity to join such a talented team and continue this journey towards new horizons“.