„5000 free bitcoins“, Angry has hacked channel with bitcoin hit

To try to help youtuber, the community and other content creators are trying to raise the #youtubesalveoZangado hashtag, in the hope that the platform will help the content creator recover his channel and the blow is taken off the air.

Angry, one of the biggest youtubers in Brazil and one of the most iconic creators of content for the gamer public has just had its channel hacked, losing control of its YouTube page on Tuesday night. According to information from Twitter, shared by people close to youtuber, the community is starting a campaign to „press YouTube“ to act on the situation and regain control of the channel.

One of the tuites shared by youtuber itself was one of the first to report that the channel had been hacked.

Canal do Angado is one of the best known in Brazil, with over 4.1 million subscribers. Now, once hackers were able to access the channel, all videos were deleted, the name was changed to Cathie Wood, and the content was replaced by a single continuous live.

Cathie Wood is a famous Wall Street investor, investment manager and founder of Ark Invest. She is a very important name within the financial industry. But as you may already be suspicious, Cathie Wood did not hack the Angry Channel, this is actually a well-known YouTube scam.

Hackers who hacked into the Angry channel promise Bitcoin de Graça
Angry, one of the biggest YouTubers in Brazil, had its channel hacked on Tuesday.

The hackers are using Cathie Wood’s name to get the public’s attention, since she is a famous investor. However, of course, it’s all just a hack. The only content on the channel, a live one, which at the time had 60,000 viewers (it’s not known if they’re real or bots), has messages promising to multiply bitcoins sent to a certain address.

According to the live one, if you send 0.1 BTC to the address, you will receive 0.2 or more. The same will be done for different values up to 20 BTC. Of course, whoever sends values to the address will never see their cryptomachs again.

This is a slightly different scam, the address this time is not in one place in the video, but in a link in the live description.

The link leads to a page with instructions for sending bitcoin and an address:

At the time of publication of this article, no bitcoin had been sent to the address.